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What is AH-HA healing

Ah-ha Healing is a unique revolutionary healing modality with a multidisciplinary approach whose sole purpose is to SOLVE early pain points in humans and transform them into Purpose.

Built over 25 years of study, combining multiple modalities that allow for a more comprehensive perspective on healing from early pain points, Ah-ha transforms your pain points into actionable data that reveals the true purpose of your life. You build your dream as you heal. Specialized coaches in Ah-ha take clients from their early pain points to the full expression of their purpose.

Book a Whiteboard Session

Our magic whiteboard session is the first step in the Ah-ha 12 step program. This proprietary methodology shows you EXACTLY where your Big Pain point is, what data was collected there and most of all we answer this one question: What is my purpose? In just 2 hours your entire pain story is reframed with a clear direction on your future path.

Corporate Program

All human beings come to work each and every day with unresolved emotional pain. Each person has very specific mindsets that impact their performance both known and unknown. Our proprietary emotional assessment tool can show you not only the invisible emotions wreaking havoc in your organization but we can measure, detect and solve this emotional pain in ANY company, organization and your team.

Become a Coach

Over the last 25 years, Ah-ha has developed a proprietary methodology and theory to solve early emotional pain. Our healing coaches trained in our methodology work across corporations, organizations and individuals with a FULL supportive team to build your client base, marketing and media to create the career you’ve always longed for. Join our Ah-ha Healing team!