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Your Life. Your Story. Your Ah-Ha.

The Ahava Theory…

Ahava transforms PAIN into PURPOSE

Ahava Healing is a unique revolutionary healing modality with a multidisciplinary approach whose sole purpose is to SOLVE early pain points in humans and transform them into Purpose. 

Built over 25 years of study, combining multiple modalities that allow for a more comprehensive perspective on healing from early pain points, Ahava transforms your pain points into actionable data that reveals the true purpose of your life. You build your dream as you heal. Specialized coaches in Ahava take clients from their early pain points to the full expression of their purpose. 

The 3-phase, 12-step Ahava program was created by pulling from Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Addiction, and Codependent Theories, Poetry, History, Abundant Theory, and many others.  

Have you tried many other healing methods and ended up feeling stuck on your journey?

This unique, foolproof, proprietary method was created after 25 years of study and will move you toward your masterpiece in life.

This proven method has been implemented 1000s of times to people from all backgrounds who were looking for their Ah-Ha.

Phase 1: Discovery

The Discovery phase begins the AHAVA process by way of prompting individuals through interactions, answering questions, quick and simple activities and adventures that make the start of healing a positive experience and inspire the healing process to continue.

Phase 2: The Adventure

The Adventure builds on Phase 1 and is all about digging deeper to the root of the childhood wounds. Informed from the experiences during Discovery, personalized adventures are developed in more detail and designed to help lead you back to discovering your true self and your true purpose.

Phase 3: Homecoming

Homecoming is a synthesis of the healing and personal discoveries made during Discovery and The Adventure. This is the critical final step in the personal journey that includes connection and expanding your personal and business circles, helps to put you in touch with communities to join and connect with others as part of understanding your true purpose. Another unique aspect of the AHAVA healing journey is the blending of business and personal purpose.

Are you ready for your Ah-ha?

  • Did you ever wonder if your life had a purpose?
  • Have you started many programs but never finished them?
  • Do you feel like there is a block inside that is preventing you from reaching your goals?
  • Are you waiting and wondering if your dream will come true?
  • Do you feel stuck?

The Magic “Whiteboard” Session:

The Quick Reveal

One of our main discoveries is the Magic Whiteboard. In there we analyze your data from the past and present to recognize and connect patterns. Our magic whiteboards let you see your own data on the board bouncing back to you. Watch the video below to learn more!

Meet The Team

As seen in

What they’re saying about Ahava…

I met Janice at an event where she was the keynote speaker and it’s been an absolute gift to know her. We worked through a whiteboard session and within moments I felt like she saw me, she understood my trauma, and in less than 15 minutes I could finally see my experience as strength. It takes years of counselling to achieve that type of healing; Janice is nothing short of a light-worker. Sessions with Janice have been transformational and the business and psycho-spiritual strategies that she uses are grounded, full of clarity and frankly, a little bit magic. The Ahava sessions are something you have to experience in order to understand their full breadth and power and I feel so grateful to call Janice a mentor. She is truly wisdom embodied. I wouldn’t be where I am in my business (or in healing and self-discovery) if it wasn’t for her – there really is no other way to put it. I would love everyone to experience a session with Janice, particularly if you are unsure of your purpose or mission or if you aren’t sure how to find power and expression in your lived experiences. When I think of the Ahava sessions I think of the Rumi passage, “The wound is the place where the light enters you”. Janice has helped me find my light.

AHAVA Participant

I knew as soon as I met Janice that I needed to work with her. Her passion for the Ahava process and life she’s created based on her own healing were incredibly inspirational.
As a coach, I’m constantly seeking more learning and ways to move myself forward. Yet I was feeling stuck and had been for a few years, which was becoming increasingly frustrating. Where I was wasn’t matching where I wanted to be and I didn’t know how to get there. As Janice says, I was ‘on the bridge’.
During the Ahava process Janice listened intently and wrote key notes about my answers to her genuine and skillful questions. She wrote as quickly as the words came out of my mouth and some of what I saw I hadn’t even heard myself say. Janice showed me the patterns I hadn’t seen in my past and how they may be showing up in the present. He homework for me was bang on and propelled me further into healing and insight than I’d experienced in a long time. Our second session was much the same. She listened intently to everything that had

Ahava Participant

Janice has a gift, or rather a calling. To summarize the impact of my time with her would take hours; she literally opened my heart and lit a fire so bright it could not be ignored. I started a journey of healing in 2016, I was committed and ready to living my fullest life. I did many things yoga, meditation, conventional counselling, retreats, I read thousands of pages of teachings by Brene Brown, Carolyn Mass, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra…all very valuable, and most importantly this “pre- work” unknowingly prepared me for what was next. Just over a year ago god/the universe/the great spirit (whatever your beliefs) I was sent Janice; I was ready for what she was able to teach. Little did I realise how profound her work and teachings would be.
In my first white board session Janice explained her theory and how based on these principles we were going to dive deep together. I watched her illustrate in 1 hour a truth and understanding I had been longing for, for 20 years. It made sense!! My journey, all of our journeys, can be mapped out using Janice’s theory. I at long last had a map, which helped weave together all my experiences and explain the many paths I had wandered since childhood (many very dark). By committing myself a practice of exercises and activities, identified during our sessions, I was able to travel back, heal my inner girl, reset my journey and begin to live my life from a place of love.
The ripple effect has been miracle moment after miracle moment, my world has transformed and I have no doubt that the major catalyst was a combination of Janice’s teachings and my commitment to the journey. I still journey, every session I have with Janice brings me closer to my calling. I am forever grateful and consistently encouraging Janice to focus her energies on her work – mark my words, she will change the world.

AHAVA Participant

I really felt like finding out some of my history and having Janice’s session bring out some hidden things has helped me think about new ways to apply my talents. It also made sense of a lot of things I didn’t fully possibly understand. I would highly recommend a white board session to get more info on your life and better perspective! We can always use this in our ever changing lives!

AHAVA Participent

Meet…Janice Taylor

CEO / Founder of Ah-ha Healing


Information on becoming an Ahava Healer.

First training session will start in January 2023. This select group of 40 will be an exclusive community that will shape Ahava, build your business with a supportive group and will contribute to the evolution of the Ahava approach.

Training sessions are one hour rotating 3x per week and 2x per week with homework assignments on the days with no training session. There will be an AM session and a PM session.

Training will take 3 months to complete.

Post Training Sessions Trainer will become part of the Ahava Business Ecosystem which includes:

- Being featured on the Ahava social media platforms
- Being featured in Ahava podcasts
- Being featured on the Ahava website
- Use of the Ahava training and scheduling platform
- Continuing education, 1 hour per month
- Digital branding and marketing Package
- Ahava Certified Trainers support services

Become an 


Ahava Healer!

Make An Investment


In Yourself!

You Are Your Own Most Valuable Investment

* The initial investment of $3000 will be one time special rate for this select group as
we set your business up for success.

* 10% deposit will be required to reserve your spot.

* Ongoing membership to management platform is $99/month for 12 months, post
certification, renewing Annually.

* Payment plans are available.

10% Deposit For AHAVA Training

Full Payment For AHAVA Training