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I was 13 years old when I heard this phrase, “once an addict, always an addict”. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It felt so fatalistic. Like a life sentence. At this point I was exposed to several kinds of programs for “at risk youth.” Much of it seemed to be centered around preventing my fate. Inside, I felt something must be missing from this puzzle. This can’t be ALL that I am. That lingering question and desire to find the missing puzzle piece led me to a degree in Psychology, the Pharmaceutical industry, and the last 14 years in tech startups. The pursuit of understanding how a person solves early pain points has been the driving force of my life these last 40 years. The deep passion and belief that each and every person has a calling, a purpose, and a larger gift to bring into the world has led me to Ah-Ha.

When I was a child, I first discovered Oprah Winfrey on my very old, cabinet TV with rabbit ears. All I could hear her say was: That is your Ah-Ha moment. As a kid, I thought: I want one! How do I have an Ah-Ha? What is an Ah-Ha? From that 4 letter word, I began a journey across Psychology, Philosophy, 30 therapeutic practices, Religious studies and other healing modalities. I survived growing up in poverty and addiction. I spent 10 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, thinking much of the time, “Is this drug actually required?” I dove into the tech industry pretty convinced social media was our new heroin and it would change humanity. I have built companies (badly and successfully), I have sat with CEOs, startup founders, uber famous people, athletes, and people living on the streets. What I have come to learn is one fundamental truth: YOUR HEALING MATTERS and YES you can HEAL!
Ah-Ha healing was a long road in the making, and is now the long term, single minded pursuit, to bring healing to the world. This team of wonderful humans have joined this journey to bring their story, perspective, and experience to this truth: Your Story Matters.

Your Ah-Ha is waiting for you.

Janice Taylor
Much love and healing,