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Ahava Works Great In Groups


Team Building Events: The WOW

Ahava is a great event for team bonding and connection. One part key note to explain the theory and then LIVE volunteer whiteboards where Janice moves each team member through their own whiteboard of discovery. Janice is a CEO, led her own startup and team and has been part of large corporations for the past 20 years. Her experience in the combination are assets for company and workshop events. She has led all sizes of companies in this fun and unique event.

Special Events / Keynotes with Workshop

Janice has been called to TedX events, tech conferences, National Events and overseas to deliver a compelling message of hope. Her unique style rivals many of the great speakers. She combines years of experience in sales, startup and being a leader into her created Ahava modality so that the audience takes tangible tools with them from the talk. This is NO ordinary keynote speech. It is always customized to the core audience.

Increase ROI with your Exec, Sales & Creative Teams

Janice has over 10 years experience in Pharmaceutical sales and over 10 years experience as a tech startup founder. She has managed both large and small teams. She has raised millions of dollars of investment capital. Ahava is not only a healing modality it creates performance driven plans and processes for teams and your customers. This unique system is predictive in the behaviours of your customers and your team so that you can increase retention of both staff and customers. The Ahava method is revolutionary and uses your data efficiently.

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Benefits: Our Guarantee

If after 12 sessions you do not have a breakthrough we refund your money.

People often feel like they are not worthy of the dream job, the soul mate, the child, the wealth, of being a creator or living their life with purpose. Ahava is a proven, guaranteed method to healing from our past wounds but also discovering our AH-HA. We go right to the heart of the matter, so you can be FREE and living your life on purpose.
Benefits include, what can take years in self-improvement, therapy and coaching we can condense to 6 months, 12 sessions. One every 2 weeks. You will feel healed and with a plan for your masterpiece in hand.
Get your life back, Your time back. Spend your time in the Present. Create Your Masterpiece. Feel happy, joy and that YOUR life Matters.

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