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Meet the Team

Corporate Team

Janice Taylor, Founder & CEO

Profile picture of Janice Taylor, Founder & CEO of Ah-Ha Healing

Oprah Winfrey top 150, tech pioneer, social tech entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, online safety advocate, healing mentor, investor, mother, and advisor. From her teen years into adulthood, Janice’s specialty has constantly been uncovering the root cause of emotional pain to create an innovative and disruptive healing process. After more than two decades of research and practice, uniquely qualified in the fields of psychology, tech start-up, business, motivational speaking, and entrepreneurism; Janice Taylor created Ah-ha Healing.

Watch this video to see Janice explain how and why she created the Ahava Modality.

Christina Dostie, Coach Concierge

Profile picture of Christina Dostie, Coach Concierge

Christina Dostie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. a certified dōTERRA Essential Oil educator and a graduate of the AHAVA program. Christina is passionate about sharing the wisdom gained in her professional studies and personal journeys through life, and seeks to touch lives and empower others. She believes in a holistic approach to personal growth, incorporating mind, body, and spirit. Her personal discoveries and experiences have allowed her to gain a deeper insight into the connection between emotional trauma and physical ailments.

Emily Haber, Creative Coordinator & Office Operations

Profile picture of Emily Haber, Creative Coordinator/Office Operations

Emily Haber completed her post-secondary education at Okanagan College in Canada where she obtained her BBA with a major in Management and a minor in Accounting. Her passions include traveling, sports of any sort, and activities that allow her creative juices to flow. Her current role at Ah-ha Healing is creative coordination and local office operations. Emily has always had a deep interest in business and in the future hopes to continue her education and acquire her  MBA. It was an easy decision for her to join the Ah-ha Healing team as she felt an immediate deep alignment with the modality and mission.

Daniela Concheso Giron, Social Media Coordinator

Profile picture of Daniela Concheso Giron, Social Media Coordinator

Daniela Concheso graduated as a Business Engineer with a minor in Operation Management from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in 2019. She then proceeded to get her Master’s degree in International Marketing with a specialization in Management from Hult International Business School in Boston, MA. Daniela worked in the finance and marketing department of multinational company Colgate Palmolive for a few years, and  also labored as a Social Media Marketing coordinator for different marketing agencies across the US. Determined to follow her calling of being part of something big and meaningful for the world, she joined Ah-ha Healing.

Lisbeth Cattafesta, Director of Business Operations

Profile picture of Lisbeth Cattafesta, Director of Business Operations

Lisbeth has a degree in Sociology and Women Studies and has worked in multiple areas of marketing for the past 20 years.  In addition to a corporate career Lisbeth has owned and operated a family business since 1998.  Lisbeth is a licensed Master Esthetician and has been working in the Spa/Wellness industry for the past 5 years.  When not working Lisbeth enjoys the beach, a good book, and laughing with friends.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Coco Chanel

Healing Team

Adrienne Smiley, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Adrienne Smiley, Healing Coach

Adrienne is a Certified Health Coach and a Yoga Instructor, RYT-200. Her desire to help others led her to dive into the study and practice of meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, breathwork, energy work, and Reiki. Having been coaching people for most of her life, her calling to be of service to others and help them heal had only been increasing. This led her to search for something that she felt was missing in the healing process. That something was the Ahava Method. As an Ah-ha Healing Coach, she will walk people through their healing journey and help them unlock their gift, ultimately finding the purpose of their life.

Alicia Bindenagel, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Alicia Bindenagel, Healing Coach

Alicia has a Master of Science in Professional Counseling, she is a Certified Life Coach and is currently working on her  Doctoral in Health and Wellness Leadership. Alicia’s mission to help others find practical and long-lasting solutions to life challenges is a passion she has developed through the years and successfully used throughout her career. She will create an educational and engaging roadmap to guide your experience through a holistic approach, providing you with the skills to apply to achieve your dream life. As a committed partner in your journey, Alicia’s goal is to guide you in the direction you wish to go.

Jay Lehman, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Jay Lehman, Healing Coach

Jay Lehman loves helping people unleash their potential. In his 25 years of experience working with a variety of life stages and challenges helps me make life-changing connections with my clients. I am also available to help those interested in integrating a Christian perspective into their journey of transformation. I enjoy playing soccer, volleyball and require the solitude of annual wilderness canoe trips to recharge my soul.

Jennifer Beam, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Jennifer Beam, Healing Coach

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Social and Applied Human Sciences, she received a diploma in Advanced Aesthetics and became certified as a Yoga Teacher RYT200HR and Reiki Practioner. Jenn has worked in a variety of roles from providing administrative support to creating programming for children with autism to assist with the development of life skills and socialization, to working in the health and wellness industry focusing on yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self-reflection and group discussion. She is passionate about supporting people by providing a safe space for them to discover, evolve and grow into their most authentic selves so that they can live  a purpose-filled and joyful life.

Karina Campos-Orta, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Karina Campos-Orta, Healing Coach

Karina Campos majored in Sociology Organizational Studies and in Communication, and has a master’s degree in Business Administration. She has worked with detained youth. During which she identified youth’s goals by encouraging them to face their obstacles, while enlightening their true potential and providing a foundation for them to fulfill their objectives. Karina was raised in an agricultural town, amongst blossoming flowers. That’s where her calling to plant seeds that illuminate a new perspective in people, was born. She enjoys the journey of “waking people up” and guides them towards their most authentic purpose to live a more fulfilling life.

Kristy Kilcup, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Kristy Kilcup, Healing Coach

Kristy is a certified Hypnotherapist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and a Professional Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Having worked in the Health, Fitness, and Wellness industry for over 28 years, Kristy has been featured in Apple News, the California Harold, US Insider, and CEO Weekly; and was awarded the Brainz 500 Global list of 2021. Kristy helps her clients overcome the obstacles that consistently stand in their way of experiencing health, wellness, and lasting change. She believes that  “while the journey may not be easy, you are always worth the effort.”

Leila Gail, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Leila Gail, Healing Coach

Leila has a Master’s degree and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology, and a Master’s degree in behavioral interventions. She works as an adolescent and family therapist, therapeutic coach, and psychological consultant. Leila’s greatest passion is helping others find their sparkle, their purpose, and meaning in their life so that they can show up as their best shelf!  She loves the mountains and the beach, traveling, and being with family and close friends; and overall loves life.

Nora Young, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Nora Young, Healing Coach

Nora is a soul-preneur, 800+ hours Certified Yoga Teacher, Therapist, and Energy Medicine through Reiki. Nora began her yoga journey in 2009. After experiencing the many benefits the practice had to offer, Nora knew it was her calling to teach from experience. Currently, she runs a home-based yoga studio and most recently created offerings in the virtual space. Nora is highly intuitive and passionate about sharing the teachings of yoga, meditation, energy, mindset, and essential oils. Nora’s purpose is to empower, educate and inspire healing on & off the mat to live a more balanced, enriched, and joyful life.

Taiza Pickering, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Tazia Pickering, Healing Coach

During her first college term,Taiza poured over Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces, with awe, wondering how anyone could be such a living catalog of myths and stories. Over the next two decades, she kept pouring over stories and literature, earning both a Bachelor and Master of Arts in English along the way. Concurrently, life called, and she went on her own hero’s journey. Along the way, she kept finding healing she never knew possible. And now, she’s delighted to help others discover their own heros’ journeys with Ahava.

Vicki Powers, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Vicki Powers, Healing Coach

After acquiring her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Vicki Power’s desire to support and address people and arm them with effective tools to help them achieve lasting and sustainable lifestyle goals to flourish in their lives, increased. She then proceeded to get a Master’s in Health Services and Wellness Promotion, along with inclusions of eastern healing modalities. Vicki also holds a License in Therapeutic massage, and has earned both Yoga and Meditation Teacher’s Certifications. Now, as one among an incredible group of Ahava Healers, and equipped with the amazing Ahava process, Vicki can’t wait to change lives through this successful and inspiring healing method.

Sarah Umlauf, Healing Coach

Profile picture of Sarah Umlauf, Healing Coach

Sarah earned her bachelors in Criminal Justice and Psychology. In 2018 she became a Mental Health practitioner. Sarah is a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor. Her background in Criminal Justice and Psychology has guided her through many career paths ranging from juvenile rehabilitation, working within the justice system, non-profit organizations, and behavioral interventions in local school districts. Her purpose on this earth is to help others heal and find happiness on their journey. Sarah is grateful for each connection she makes and the services she can provide for those in need.