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The Relationship Formula

On-demand courses and coaching for thriving relationships

The Relationship Playbook

Why does every appliance app or toy have a manual, but one of the most important things in our lives does not? This is the playbook that will transform your relationship and begin your own journey of healing.
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What you get with the Relationship Playbook:

Receive over $3,000 USD of value at a fraction of the cost.

Here's a brief intro of what is covered in each of the 3 phases of the Relationship Playbook Video Course:

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Change Can Happen Overnight!

With over 30 years of experience and study, overnight you can begin an entirely new chapter in your relationship history. Join the 1000s who are having healthy, positive and loving relationships.

Our Partnership Coaches

Partnership coaches aren’t merely counsellors for couples. Our coaches are able to help you heal individually in addition to addressing your relationship dynamics. In addition to having an extensive background in therapy, healing, and coaching, Ah-Ha partnership coaches are specially trained in the Ah-Ha Healing modality. The team at Ah-Ha Healing is the missing piece of the puzzle you need for healthy relationships.

Leila Gail

Kristy Kilcup

Roshni Sharma-Fleming

Vicki Powers

Robin Jones


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