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The Relationship Formula

On-demand courses and coaching for thriving relationships


Over 90% of current relationship solutions do not include basic understanding of how people love, who they attract and how their earliest pain points impact how they give and receive love. Do not hire that divorce attorney, do not join another dating App... this is the real solution for lasting love.



The Playbook

If your relationship is in trouble or failing, you might be missing the playbook to relationships.

Wait, there’s a playbook? Yes. Learn about:
The TRUE theory of love and attraction
Finding out who you and your partner truly are
How to really love

This is your playbook to navigate relationships, together.



The Playbook and Love Board

The playbook is amazing, but the heart can be confusing. How do you untangle past hurts, present wounds and future landmines? Sign up for the Heart Map, in addition to the Playbook. You’ll see the theory in action as you and your partner go through a Heart Map session together, helping you heal, attract and discover love.

Total Investment: $825
(Special limited time offer $275 off)
(or 3 Payments of $275)



The Playbook, Heart Map and Coaching

For those who need someone who can guide them through personal healing to facilitate the relationship journey, this option is for you. 9 sessions with a partnership coach, in addition to the Playbook and a Heart Map will make you ready to not just enter into a relationship, but build it forward.

Total Investment: $2400
(Special limited time offer $300 off)
(or 6 Payments of $400)

The Relationship Playbook

Why does every appliance app or toy have a manual, but one of the most important things in our lives does not? This is the playbook that will transform your relationship and begin your own journey of healing.

Our Partnership Coaches

Partnership coaches aren’t merely counsellors for couples. Our coaches are able to help you heal individually in addition to addressing your relationship dynamics. In addition to having an extensive background in therapy, healing, and coaching, Ah-Ha partnership coaches are specially trained in the Ah-Ha Healing modality. The team at Ah-Ha Healing is the missing piece of the puzzle you need for healthy relationships.

Leila Gail

Kristy Kilcup

Roshni Sharma-Fleming

Vicki Powers

Robin Jones


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