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Corporate Program

Do you know your company EQ Score?


Over a trillion dollars is lost every year because of invisible emotions that cause workplace disturbances, sickness and disconnection from the company.


Within 3 days, we can remotely measure, detect and assess subconscious emotions in your company by leveraging our proprietary AI technology and Ah-ha modality.



EQ Assessment

Remotely measure your internal leadership, employees, and external customer base mindsets for optimal success.

We can test, detect and measure where you have emotional subconscious traits that are limiting your performance. ALL without meeting your team. It is a remote test.



EQ Education for your Team

½ to Full Day Assessment

1 on 1 interviews, group sessions, provide tools and ways to understand emotional mindset mix, includes EQ assessment report. Key note discussion.



EQ Implementation

Optimal Program 3-6 months

1 on 1 one hour/week/employee of performance EQ coaching,
EQ training for leaders, monthly group sessions, includes data tracking and initial EQ assessment report.

Teaser Deck on our Corporate Program